St. Francis UGANDA

Family Helper Programme

Registered charity
Ireland CHY18409, Uganda S5917/278, UK 1079811
Recognized for tax purposes by Kindermissionswerk of Aachen, Germany; Email:
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Sponsor a child, assist a young man or woman in the tailoring school for two years, or give a grant to a social worker trainee for a year.

Presently we educate 240 children in primary, secondary or tertiary institutions.
Costs vary at each level and in each school.
The following analysis gives as accurate a sum as possible in 2013-2014

We usually try to match each child to an individual sponsor, or to any group e.g. a class of children, a group of friends or a funding organization. Many of our friends who do not wish to take on a long commitment give a "free donation" of any amount. This money is given to the organization to use at its discretion. Running an organization with three departments, 25 staff, 240 sponsored children, 50 young men and women in a tailoring school, a counsellor training institute, always requires money for overheads, maintenance, support of sick staff or sick children and sometimes even for a party to celebrate life.
In case you decide to sponsor a child we will ask you to deposit your donation into one of our bank accounts in Ireland, the UK, the USA or Germany. Registered boards with chartered accountants in different countries manage these accounts. More detailed information will be mailed to you on request.

We are aware that sponsoring a child is a long term commitment requiring extensive financial input but there are so many needs in our organisation that you may choose to assist us in other ways.

  • Buy piece of furniture for our new building. We need two hundred desks and two hundred chairs. Donate 100 Euros.
  • Sponsor the education of a Tailoring student —donate 500 EURO for each of two years, and the balance will fund equipment, materials, generator fuel, electric irons etc.
  • Complete a room in our new school building in memory of a family member.
If you would like to help the project in any way or if you need additional information, please contact:
Mary Moran
Sr. Christine Ntibarutaye
St. Francis Family Helper Programme
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