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Family Helper Programme

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Recognized for tax purposes by Kindermissionswerk of Aachen, Germany; Email:
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  • Children carry children
  • Children look after children
  • Children carry heavy loads almost every day in poorer families
  • Happy children eventhough disadvantaged and often burdened
  • Educating young girls and boys in St. Francis Vocational Training Institute
  • Lucky children attending a very good school owned and run by Daughters of Mary and Joseph
In service of the FAMILY

Since the foundation of St. Francis Family Helper Project (now named Programme) in 1984, the focus of this organization has been on the Family, as the central most important unit of any society. In the early years, education for girls was still quite new in Uganda, and many families could not afford the school fees. St. Francis, therefore, began a child sponsorship project, which still continues today. The boys and girls who have been educated through assistance from countries all over the world, now number in the thousands and some have come back to say "thank you", some have in their turn sponsored the education of children not their own and some have died.
We believe

All people have a right to fair access to knowledge.
All people have a right to be aware of what a nation should and does offer them.
All people have a right to a decent standard of living, to food, shelter, security and freedom from abuse.

The vision of St. Francis FHP is that all people may have a more equitable sharing of the gifts needed for human development (social security, education, health and happiness).
In our sponsorship programme each child has an individual sponsor from Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, the UK or the USA. Kindermissionswerk of Germany gives us additional funding each year and over the years has allowed us to use their funding for a variety of organisational needs. Most recently this organisation has encouraged St. Francis to work in the archdiocese of Mbarara in an effort to lessen or prevent violence against children in schools and in homes.


St Francis Family Helper Programme began its operations in Nyamitanga, Mbarara, Uganda in 1984 with the support of many people. Worth mentioning for very special contributions, Brother Karl Siebertz RIP, Missionary of Africa, Adrian Kabuzire, RIP, John Kabegambire, Bishop Emeritus John Baptist Kakubi, Steve Collins RIP, Missionary of Africa, Leocadia Kabibi Nkuzi, Margaret Katahaga, the Daughters of Mary and Joseph, the parishes of Thornton Heath, West Croydon and Carshalton in the UK, the diocese of Raphoe in Ireland and many friends and wellwishers from different countries, including Christian Childrens Fund of the USA.


6/2/2021 5:40:16 AM
Short Greeting, June 1, 2021

It is sometime since we sent any news to our website, apart from what we wrote in our newsletter which went out in February 2021, giving you the news of 2020.

6/25/2020 4:22:09 PM
How covid 19 pandemic has affected me?

Due to covid 19 pandemic out break, the presidential directive came out on 18th March 2020 that all schools and institutions should close as a preventive measure and that all students/ pupils should go home. Like most private schools, ours was not an exception.

2/13/2017 5:35:41 AM
Is Spirituality Important in an African—Ugandan Organisation

Here in St. Francis, it is our practice every morning to start the day together with a mindfulness exercise. The intention is twofold.  Being together as a staff, each morning, creates a good connection at the beginning of each day.  

St. Francis Family Helper Programme
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