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Latest News from St. Francis, CTI Staff Training, February 8-12, 2016

Brother Timothy Lamb OFM gave a training on the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, in the treatment of addiction, to all of us who were interested and in need of this updating.  He had already trained us in the basics of Integral Theory, which is a way of viewing every phenomenon, every experience, every event in an integral all inclusive way. This integral model was developed by Ken Wilber an American “man for all seasons”.  If you are curious, Google Ken Wilber, or google Integral Theory and you will be reading for the next few years. We shall write more about this next month when another American expert in Integral Theory –Kelly Neary--joins us for a few months. Kelly and Mary studied together in JFK University in California and will now be working together in Uganda.

7 of our staff, 3 of our Master’s students and 2 of our Bachelor’s students attended and it was great being back in class again.  Johanna the German volunteer from Nangina club of Paderborn, also attended the training and liked it a lot.

Brother Tim is a new addition to our Mbarara community.  He is from the USA, lives a few miles from here in the Franciscan community, and is a trained pastoral counsellor with a lot of experience working with a variety of populations in the USA.
You will be hearing more of Brother Tim and St. Francis in the coming months.  Mary is convinced that at every major turning in the journey of this organisation, St. Francis, the saint of Assisi and our patron, intervenes directly to answer a special need.  There have been too many “proofs” to deny this way of thinking.  However, everyone is free to interpret the “good luck” happenings in St. Francis FHP as she wishes.

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