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Tailoring School - Empowering girls to take charge of their destiny

The purpose of this additional lesson is to produce multi skilled persons who can have more than one chance of getting a job. These computer classes have only been possible because of your support the Ugandan economy. So far we have trained 80 students in non-formal skills training including the production of school uniforms. One of the techniques we teach is adding value to fabric by using tie and dye techniques.

As a consequence of a greater openness in society regarding the issue, people are increasingly willing to go for voluntary testing for this infection. When, as sometimes happens, a student or staff member in our organisation is found to be HIV positive we provide assistance through appropriate referrals, financial support and ongoing counselling services. Alex Palmier from the UK has provided funds for this project in the past and we are still receiving donations from him towards this noble cause.

St. Francis Family Helper Programme
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