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Greetings to you all from St Francis!

It’s a bright day as I begin my service at St. Francis Family Helper Programme. I am Sr. Catherine Nyamata from the Daughters of Mary and Joseph Congregation. I love reaching out to people especially those in need and being available through sharing the gifts I have been endowed with. I also love receiving the many gifts I expect to receive. St. Francis Educational Centre is a very beautiful place with a peaceful ambiance both from the surrounding nature and the people there. I have admired the commitment and teamwork expressed by the staff in starting each day together with a mindfulness practise.
I am proud to be part of this welcoming and inspiring organisation, that has given hope to the disadvantaged in our society and that is wanting to help build a Uganda where there will be a more equal sharing of all the resources needed  for health and happiness.

I am employed in the Child Sponsorship Department and will be working with the sponsored children as well as their parents/guardians. As the organisation is also working with the primary schools and teachers in the area, we believe that we will see positive changes in the coming months and years.

I have already met with some of the children and am learning about the others from our records and files on each child. Part of my work will involve visiting schools and homes of our sponsored children and helping Kevina with the ongoing monitoring of school progress. We are now three people working in the department. Kevina Tumuhairwe, from Uganda, who has been in the department for the last few years, Arienne from Germany whom you will meet in this bulletin and myself.  As we read in American books “I am the new kid on the block!” You will be hearing from me regularly.

Our website has been dormant for a long time owing to a number of circumstances.  It has been reactivated.  Domagoj from Croatia, is our new webmaster and he wants us to get more serious about our news items.

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