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Dear Readers, 2015, is surely one of the most memorable and grace-filled years for us at St. Francis.

This is Mary Moran writing as I need to share some great news with you.  I have been working in and fundraising for St. Francis since its inception in 1984 or 85.  At that time I was a member of a religious congregation, the Daughters of Mary and Joseph. It was as a Daughter of Mary and Joseph and with support from that congregation, that St. Francis came into being. In 1986 I left for California where I studied psychology and psychotherapy. In 1994 or 1995 I left the congregation and returned to Uganda in 1996 as a laywoman. During my time in the States, St. Francis was under the directorship of Leokadia Kabibi, whom many of you might remember and whom some of you have met during her visit to Germany and Ireland.  Leocadia left for the big city of Kampala in 1996 and so when I came back to Uganda I was once more able to get a job in St. Francis. Funding at that time was coming from Germany, mainly through the work of Peter Gehlen, with introductions and references from Fr. Ferdinand Tillmann, Missionary of Africa,  from the UK, under the chairmanship of Alex Palmier, and from Ireland from friends and relatives who remained faithful to their commitments of sponsorship.
From 1996 to this year I have been busy with the daily affaires of St. Francis, in a number of capacities, with of course the support of 21 members of staff (majority Ugandan). The organization has expanded during these years and every step of the way cost money which was generously donated by a wide variety of individuals and organizations from Germany, Canada, Croatia, Italy, Ireland--North and South--, the Netherlands, Uganda, the UK and the USA. None of the money would have come without the work of hundreds if not thousands of generous persons from these same countries, and none of the work could have been done without the commitment of the staff of St. Francis, some of whom have been there even longer than me! Jovita Kamajuni, who replaced Margaret Odit as head of the tailoring school is the longest serving member of the organization.
Peter Gehlen, Alex Palmier, Paul and Mary Sherlock have all served for many many years.  Last year Alex, Paul and Mary retired from the management board of St. Francis in the UK, and the financial end was handed over to Martin Grimley , MG Accountants, Armagh, Northern Ireland.  Gerard Allen, solicitor, has agreed to be a board member, and Martin has found another few members to be on the English Charities board as well.
I have been wanting to retire from management responsibilities in St. Francis for quite some time. I have been speaking to our Archbishop about this for at least two years. The Archbishop approached the Daughters of Mary and Joseph, with the hope that perhaps they help us in the search for a executive administrator. At the best of moments I hoped that they might give us one sister. Much greater has occurred.
After much discussion with the present Ugandan area manager, Sr. Pat Pearson, and with the Congregational Leader, Sr. Helen Lane, the handover occurred on July 30, 2015 and following due process, Sr. Christine Ntibarutaye was appointed executive administrator of St. Francis and presently she is on a six-month probation.  The Daughters of Mary and Joseph have committed to giving some other sisters to work in the different departments.  I am still director of the Counsellor Training Institute, but I hope and pray that this time next year, I will be able to inform you that this position will have also been filled or at least that we have an assistant director in training.
Sr. Christine has been in management in the congregation for many years, has travelled and studied in Burundi, the Cameroons, Uganda, Switzerland and Ireland. She speaks four languages fluently. In keeping with tradition she is not only executive manager but she is also the team leader of the project for the prevention of violence against children in schools and homes of the Archdiocese.  Hopefully the project will spread to other parts of the country.
I am presently on leave in Ireland, and have not a single bit of concern about St. Francis.  I know the organization is in capable hands and I will be very happy when all other responsibilities will have been handed over.
I am grateful to God, to the Daughters of Mary and Joseph, to our Archbishop, to the Board of Trustees and the staff of St. Francis who have wholeheartedly supported the proceedings.

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