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Steady progress being made on the building construction

They say the best things come in threes and WE DID IT! The third floor of the building has been completed.
We are proud, very proud of this achievement, not because of a wish to boast but because we have experienced and witnessed a series of miracles.
Over a year ago, Mary who does not like risk or debt, wanted to put a stop to the building and to having the Irish builders come for further work, as we had not sufficient money and needed time for fundraising.
Martin Grimley, our irish Chartered accountant, fundraiser and friend who hails from Armagh, agreed for about one week. Then he phoned Mary and said if we stopped the builders from coming we might lose the impetus, lose the commitment of Armagh friends, lose energy and get ourselves more trouble than we had bargained for. Agreement was reached on all sides to go a head and then the miracles began to happen. Funds were raised in small and large amounts from Germany, Ireland and Austria, thanks to the work of faithful friends of St. Francis.
St. Francis Family Helper Programme
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