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Nogamba ki? - What´s the news?

It is now four months since I arrived in Uganda and I have already begun to love this beautiful country and its people. My name is Arienne Schulz. I´m the current German volunteer and I´m working with St. Francis since last September. I support the organization by working in the Child Sponsorship Department and by helping with other tasks when there is time and it is something I can actually do. As early as now I feel like a part of St. Francis Family, I enjoy my work a lot and have already formed friendships, which mean a great deal to me. I know that my predecessors from EIRENE, wrote to German sponsors and did English-German and German-English translations in the organization.  I shall be doing the same.  Many of our funders, friends and donors are from Germany and I am happy to represent my country in this way.
Last week my German coordinator from EIRENE (my sending organization), Vanessa Hugo, came for a visit. We had a meeting together with Sr. Christine Ntibarutaye and I got the opportunity to show Vanessa my new home. A home away from home. During the meeting I realized once again that I feel at home and feel appreciated by everyone. However I didn´t expect Sr. Christine to ask me if I would like to stay for another year. I was very pleased with this request. Now, to be honest, the thought of staying longer, is stuck in my head. Well, it would be nice if it were a simple decision but of course there are many considerations which I shall ponder over in the coming months.  Neither I nor anyone else knows what the future will bring. I feel open to Life right now so let us see!
You will be hearing more from me. 

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