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In the last year, as well as training students in our Institute, we have trained people in their places of work...

• We trained the staff of a primary school in Mbarara town for one month in Liberation Education, a model of instruction based on the philosophy of Brazilian education philosopher Paulo Freire. This model focuses more on the needs of the students, on the dialogue between student and teacher, on a methodology and language of teaching suitable to the student.

• We began a training for students, guardians and teachers in a centre which has a Saturday programme for children with special needs. If this centre gets funding next year they want us to continue these Saturday trainings.
• We have assisted another training institute in Northern Uganda develop a teaching curriculum and we trained their students for a number of weeks.

• Two of our staff have gone to Tanzania 3 times to carry out some work with two organisations near the Uganda border.
• We have gone out to a number f parishes for weeks at a time to train catechists in a variety of skills which are designed to improve their work with the Christians especial l y in thei r way of communicating and dialoguing about Christian values.
• We are very grateful to have had expert assistance from Germany, the USA and from Ireland last year. Thank you Ellen, Florence and Felicity.
St. Francis Family Helper Programme
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