St. Francis UGANDA

Family Helper Programme

Registered charity
Ireland CHY18409, Uganda S5917/278, UK 10781
Recognized for tax purposes by Kindermissionswerk of Aachen, Germany; Email:

About St Francis Family Helper Programme

St. Francis Family Helper Programme is a charity organization registered in Uganda, the UK and Ireland. Our German sponsors are recognized for tax purposes through Kindermissionswerk in Aachen. St. Francis FHP receives patronage and support from the Archbishop of Mbarara and is located on diocesan land on Nyamitanga Hill on the western outskirts of Mbarara (western Uganda). 
Launched in 1984 with the Child Sponsorship Project, the organisation has grown over the years with the addition of a Tailoring School in1986 and a Counsellor Training Institute begun in 1999.Services have changed greatly over the years from paying school fees to carrying out a variety of projects with families in rural communities and to offering a number of trainings in areas all related to development.As needs of the family grew so did the response of the organization. We began to develop nutritional, agricultural, and counselling projects, eventually founding the present Counsellor Training Institute in 1998. Since then we have been offering training in counselling and psychosocial skills to communities, counsellors, catechists and development workers, continuously revising and optimizing our training methods. We have been lucky and happy to have been given an opportunity to offer psychosocial trainings in Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, DRCongo, and Ethiopia.  We hope to be able to give some trainings in South Sudan from which we have received two invitations.
St. Francis was registered as a National Non Governmental Organisation in Uganda in 1990, in the UK (2000) and in Ireland (2009). Kindermissionswerk of Germany gives tax receipts to our German donors. 
St. Francis FHP has received financial or other support from sponsors and donor agencies from many countries including Uganda over the years.Volunteers from many countries have been coming to St. Francis FHP to offer services from a few weeks to a few years. For further information see section on volunteerism.

Board of Trustees(owners of the organization)

1. Mugisha K. David (Chairperson, Finance committee)
2. Fr. Richard Kamugisha (Chairperson, Legal Affairs committee)
3. Mr. Kamushana Robert (Member)
4. Fr. John Tapesser (Member)
5. Bro. Timothy Lamb (Member)
6. Tumwesigye Felly (Member) Representative of Student Body
7. Sr. Patricia Pearson, Representative of Daughters of Mary and Joseph,( Member)
8. Mr. Mukwasiibwe Valerian (Staff Representative)
Front Row
9. Sr. Christine Ntibarutaye (Executive Administrator SFFHP, and Secretary to the Board)
10. Mr. Bitarinsha Bruno (Chairperson of the Board) Front Row
11. Mrs Byambwenu Prudence (Vice. Chairperson and Chairperson of Development committee)
12. Mary Moran (Director CTI and Advisor to the Board) Front Row
Not in the photo
13. Fr. Ferdinand Tillman (Member) photo below
14. Mrs. Lilian Mugisha (Minute taker of meetings) not in photo
Fr. Ferdinand Tillmann
Development Committee
Mobile no: 0772913737

Management Team (In charge of daily running of organisation)

Mukwasibwe Valeriano
Assistant Head of Tailoring School
Kevina Tumuhairwe
Head of Child Sponsorship Department
Bernadette Orikiriza
Team Coordinator for Psychosocial Project
Barbara Mukundane
Richard Anguyo
Representative of Support Staff
Mary Moran
Director of CTI
Sister Christine Ntibarutaye
Executive Administrator
Jovita Kamujuni
Head of Tailoring School

Barbara Mukundane
Dinah Kyomugisha


Vocational Training Institute
Jovita Kamujuni (Principal)
Valeriano Mukwasibwe (Trainer)
Resty Kebirungi (Trainer
Hassan Kyeyune (Trainer)

Mary Moran
Betty Kyogabirwe (Librarian)
Paul Donnelly (Building Supervisor)
Patrick Enyanygo (Watchman)
Richard- Anguyo (Watchman)
Support Staff
Athanasi Kabashekye (driver)
Abel Ntinterwagatsinde (Garden and Shopping)
Child Sponsorship Dept
Kevina Tumuhairwe
St. Francis Family Helper Programme
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